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I have come to the realization that middle aged women love me, and want me to date their daughters. Which is great because ever since the “Gilmore Girls”, I have been meaning to cross the mother-daughter threesome off my “To Do list”.

I just finished watching Simon Pegg’s “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.” I loved it. It has just the right amount of sap, without losing that British edge. I imagine that this is what Ricky Gervais was trying to get at with “Ghost Town,” but didn’t quite achieve. Yea, that’s right Al. I said it.

On a related note: Megan Fox. What an overrated piece of trash*.

Now, on to some links:

Rock Band jackassery at its best.

Apparently, this commercial is advertising all the extra stuff you can see with a new 21:9 LCD TV. This may be counterproductive, as I consider the inability to see creepy clowns as a positive.

The slow jerk. Horrifying and beautiful at the same time.

*Just kidding, I have a penis. Megan Fox is smoking hot.



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