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I had my midyear performance review at work yesterday with my bosses. I freaked out, called them racial slurs and tried to take a swing at my manager.

Overall, I think I did pretty well.

– Caught this amusing piece of news today – Clay Guida was dropped from the UFC 2009 Undisputed game because of technical issues in rendering his hair…which actually seems understandable. What’s funny though is that THQ actually offered him money to cut his hair in real life so that they could keep him in the game – which Guida turned down, which is again, pretty understandable since it’s a big part of his marketability. But too bad for Guida, because I understand the game’s pretty fun.

– This has been jumping around the internet lately and I assume you’ve seen it already, but I’m obligated to post it up here regardless. Cameron’s house is on sale for a cool $2.3 million. That’s pretty cool. And yes, I just used the word “cool” in two consecutive sentences. Now in case you were like me and immediately started wondering about the Bueller household…I got you covered. Ferris’ house is actually 4160 Country Club Drive, located in Long Beach, California…which seems odd to me considering that the entire movie was filmed in and around Chicago (even Cameron’s house above is like 40 minutes from Chicago). A quick search through the local real estate history shows that the house was last sold in 2002 for $594,000 (it’s probably worth north of a million today) and is now probably the Shishim household instead. And now you know!

– Also, did you know that the movie spawned a television series in 1990? Apparently it was atrocious, got replaced by Blossom, and starred Jennifer Aniston as Ferris’ sister. Super weird. And now you know!

– Here’s a heart warmer; Father, 29, in child support court says he has 21 kids. And who knows how many more are going to come to light now that he’s been featured on local television? Let’s have a hand for all the women that knew about his ultra-potent seed and yet decided to do it with him unprotected anyway, most likely looking to grab some “free” child support money. Too bad they didn’t realize that the state is only allowed to take 50% of his minimum wage paycheque for child support, and also that child support money comes with like…you know, A CHILD. I’m thinking he and the Soupolos family should hook up…not a bad way to make a buck.

– I think it’s really unfortunate that Simona Halep feels like she needs surgery to help her play tennis better, because I believe that everyone should feel like they can excel in their field with whatever hand they’ve been dealt. I want to stress this message to all the young people out there – don’t be so quick to be discouraged, because what you initially perceive as disadvantages may actually perhaps turn out to be advantages in the future. I wish the 17 year-old Miss Halep the best in her future endeavours.

Toy Story 3 teaser trailer. Release date of June 18, 2010 – what is that, like ten years from now? I probably won’t even be alive then, what’s the point of releasing this so early?

In the computer room, little second drawer, where I keep my weed? Under the handgun, there’s a stack of porn that will put calluses on those little hands of yours.



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