Our Shared Hatred Of Dan Hocking

This is why I hate Dan Hocking…back in Crosby, he assured me that Happy Gilmore’s golf swing would never actually work in real life, ruining my life long ambition to become a professional golfer and amateur hockey player. Hey Dan, 2008 PGA Champion Padraig Harrington says otherwise. You are a liar!

For the record though, I don’t particularly hate Dan any more than the hate I hold in my heart for all people everywhere, I just thought that would be a really amusing post title.

And it was.

It’s not really my place to do so, as it wasn’t my birthday nor was I the one that took them, but I’m going to post the pictures up anyway. Here’s some now classic moments from Sheep’s birthday celebration this past Independence Day 2009 that Max was kind enough to digitally record forever until the end of time.

Good times! (Although not for Steve McNair.) I’ll leave the full debriefing to someone better suited for it than I…however, between AsianPoses.com and this documentary of vervet monkeys, you should be able to form a pretty good idea on your own. (Of particular note are the specific characteristics the leader monkeys are said to exhibit. They’re so much like us, it’s scary.)

Now for the rest of the links, yeah?

– In memoriam of Steve McNair, here are two other tragic news reports with probably the two greatest headlines I’ve ever seen before in my life. Man Falls to Death into Vat of Chocolate (poor Augustus Gloop) and Two Midget Mexican Wrestlers Killed By Fake Prostitutes. If that last one doesn’t get at least a chuckle out of you, then you have no soul.

– Is anyone interested in watching 2012? How about after watching the trailer recut with a 70’s disaster porn vibe? Heck yes!

– With all due respect to Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and My Neighbor Totoro, RoboGeisha seems to be probably the most hilarious nonsense to come out of Japan yet. I want to say that the acid nipple milk bit is my favourite…but there’s really just too many to choose from.

– A quick comparison of the respective movie ideas between Pixar and Dreamworks. It’s funny because it’s true. Haha, Antz.

– And finally, Jordin’s Sparks’ Battlefield debut on American Idol. Looking good, sounding good…she’s sitting on top of the world.

“This was the last time.”
“Until a next time.”

“No chance.”



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