Process Oriented Methodologies

I’ve been on this big flowchart thing lately. Thought I’d share some with you here while I charge up meter for my next post.

– Remember those crazy Choose Your Own Adventure books you used to read at the library as a child, along with all those Encyclopedia Brown books and Chickadee magazines? Yeeaaaaah you do. Well someone took the time to actually create a mapping of all possible paths in one of them. Turns out that you die horribly in most outcomes, regardless of what you do. Who knew that Journey Under The Sea was such an apt allegorical illustration of life itself and such a damning commentary on the illusion of free will and determinism? All I remember from my life at that age was how much I hated going to swimming lessons every weekend.

– How to play Ken, a strategy guide. I estimate the chances that I’ve already posted this link to be well over 70%. What’s great about this chart is that it’s funny, but it’s also true.

Flip Flop Fly Ball is probably the coolest baseball site I’ve stumbled upon recently (which isn’t saying much – they’re not very cool usually). The most relevant one is probably this chart of team Interleague records. You’ll notice that over the span of 12 years, the Blue Jays have the worst record in Interleague play in the entire American League. One of those things you’ve always suspected, but never really knew for sure up until now. Like Lady Gaga having a penis…for example.

The racial flowchart from what can only be one of the five worst movies ever created by man, Domino. The whole movie is filmed like that, it’s like being high on PCP the whole time…only crushingly boring. And a DeVry joke? Goddamn, this movie is dated! “Japanic” is funny though.

– The lyrics of Total Eclipse Of The Heart in flowchart form. Fantastic stuff. (Obligatory link posting.)

You see, it would be this mat…that you would put on the floor…and it would have different…CONCLUSIONS…written on it…that you could JUMP TO!



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