Now…Somewhere…Somehow…Someone’s…Gonna Pay

Over two weeks without a post? Not a problem, because this one was worth the wait.

I couldn’t water this one down by bundling it up with the usual assortment of irrelevant links this time. This time, I felt obligated to pass this on to the entire world as fast as I could. (And also so that no one else would beat me to it and steal my finder’s credit.) I just sent an email to my company’s entire distribution list with the subject line “!!! IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT YOUR JOB !!!” which contained nothing else but this link’s URL.

Today, we celebrate the world’s first look at The Expendables

At one point this was only known to me as an internet legend, spoken in hushed tones…an idea so ridiculous on paper that they swore it could never been done. If you’ve never heard of it up until this point, then I hope you enjoy your discovery.

Reportedly this is just a promo for the movie, and not a straight trailer. Apparently promos are longer and much sloppier, just a mishmash of cuts from the movie, unlike the edited slick goodness of a proper movie trailer. Which makes sense – I was wondering where the voiceover was. Like “They are the world’s best…they break all the rules…they take the missions that no man can survive…they are…The Expendables.” My anticipation for even just the actual TRAILER of this movie exceeds the anticipation I usually have for actual whole movies.

(Kind of like how people were buying tickets for Meet Joe Black just to watch the trailer for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Oh, 1999…what a crazy time that was.)

God, this is so great. I’m at a total loss for words about this movie…it’s just…so awesome. My concept of time has now just reduced to counting down to August 20, 2010.

Bonzai, mofo.



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