A Random October Post

Demon’s Souls is killing me right now. I don’t think I’ve been this obsessed over a game in months, ever since I created my own player for MLB 09: The Show (and got lazy and stopped playing after he signed his first big multi-million dollar contract with the A’s). My day is spent just counting down the hours until I can get raped by this game again…which has now become something I am perversely accustomed to enjoy. Just click the damn links.

– I’m not sure whether this softball team shirt is awesome or stupid. Seems like there’s too many threads going on at once, like they just threw in all the different ingredients they could think of with no regard to how they would mix together. …although I think that’s how you make good stew, so who knows, maybe it is legitimately funny. And I think all the actual softball uniforms I have still have more of a trying-too-hard vibe than even this, so who am I to say anything to anyone?

– I think if I had this bacon wallet, it’d make me want to eat the money I kept inside it. The inherent problem with this product is that if I wanted to keep an actual strip of bacon in my wallet, I would never be able to find it. You know, on account of the camouflage.

– What if I told you I had a whole collection of amusing sketches decorated with the bodies of dead flies? Would that be something you’d be interested in? Also, because we are the internet’s top authority for all fly-related links…scientists in the new exciting field of optogenetics have now figured out a way to modify brains of fruit flies to create fear and false memories of pain. Which sounds both amazingly awesome and scary all at the same time. Weapon X type false memory implants are only just around the corner!

– They say that this man is really drunk, but I question whether it’s really all from alcohol. I just find it difficult to believe someone getting this messed up and still being able to stay conscious. Though I suppose it’s possible if you blitzed yourself with hard liquor. Or maybe he’s just one of those people that don’t throw up from drinking, and have to suffer the full effects of their binge drinking for the entire night. Also, after he falls down, he spends four entire minutes struggling to get up. That is nothing short of inspirational. The amount of perserverence and effort required…it’s mind boggling. If I was even half as drunk, I’d just end up passing out on the ground after one or two tries. Other questions…is that daylight outside? Is the clock acccurate and displaying 10:40something in the AM? Also, how did he arrive there? Unless he just started drinking right next door it’s hard to imagine him covering any distance in the state he’s in. Does he live uphill?

– Is this creepy skeleton samurai controller awesome or what? The eyes light up and you can remove the mask! And it costs about half as much as a normal PS3 controller? …what’s the catch?

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