If You’re Good At Something, Never Do It For Free

I’m taking a quick break to throw up these links, and then it’s back to having my ass kicked at work. Damn my bosses for luring me into a false sense of laziness with no real significant activities to do but pointless Wikipedia browsing for half a year, and then suddenly dumping actual things to do in my lap! This is an outrage! Must I be forced to actually earn my paycheque? What’s this world coming to!?!

This is just an utterly fantastic Batman impression. I guarantee you it was 100% all Dad’s idea, who fittingly remains behind the camera to direct his vision all throughout. I know Heath Ledger’s Joker was universally praised, legitimately awesome, and won him an Oscar…but I think it’s Christian Bale’s Batman voice that gives me the most joy, the one aspect of this movie franchise that will stay with me the longest.

We Were Once A Fairytale is the latest Spike Jonze/Kanye West video (they had co-directed the video for Flashing Lights together) that’s going around, infecting the world like some sort of awesome new strain of super virulent herpes. I have to say…for all the talk out there condemning his public cries for attention, we sure don’t seem to be able to stop giving it him. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on about Kanye, it’s that it’s very difficult to stay ambivalent towards him.

It’s also hard to deny that Spike Jonze is still very good at making us all trip balls.

I have no idea how long this particular copy of the video will stay up, as it looks like they’re being taken down all over for some reason. So check it out if you can, and just pretend you did if you can’t – I don’t have time to find updated links for you if you miss them. Who do you think I am, like your Internet Mom or something? Google it yourself, kid!

– Case in point…I have absolutely no idea whether or not this link for the What Up With That? skit on SNL is still good, but I’m posting it anyway! It is an actual live, non-digital skit that doesn’t prominently feature Fred Armisen, Will Forte, or Andy Samberg…and is funny. What up with that? These are usually my favourites – the ones where you can see coming right from the beginning…and yet remain helpless to resist when it eventually does arrive.

“It’s MY HEAD, Swartz, and I’ll see you in court!”
“And who’s to say I won’t be seeing what YOU’RE seeing…in court?”



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