A Random November Post

Blah blah blah blah, links.

– Another installment of Between Two Ferns, this time with Conan O’Brien. These have to be the most consistently fantastic clips on the internet right now. Andy Richter is the MVP of this particular bit, the guy just crushes every line he has.

– Don’t bother me tonight, I have plans already. Also, if you ever wanted to see how it’s like to trip out on acid, check this out. Should be a pretty eventful weekend for me.

This is a fascinating retelling of a National Geographic photographer journeying to the Antarctic to take pictures of leopard seals, and how one tried to adopt hiim and teach him how to hunt penguins. The pictures are insane. Also the editing of that video, absolutely excellent. I don’t know how they managed to make some guy standing against a wall and talking seem so epic and grand, but they pulled it off. I just think it’s hilarious how this guy essentially wasted like four days of this leopard seal’s valuable time. Humans…the planet’s ultimate assholes.

– I’m having a hard time trying to decide which rug amuses me more…handcrafted Raccoon Mario or these ones. No wait, it’s this Road Kill carpet.

I wish I had some carpet in my house. I miss it so. When my sex dungeon is finally complete, it will be lined with gloriously thick and lucious carpeting.

Uncle Touchy’s naked puzzle basement
You won’t wear a shirt and you’ll cry



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