More Than Meets The Eye

Max’s awesome Michael Bay commercial just made me realize that I never got around to posting my favourite Michael Bay video ever, a Michael Bay montage. Odd that a video whose purpose was to hate on Michael Bay just made me appreciate him even more. Michael Bay is the best there is at what he does…but what he does isn’t very nice. (Or was that Wolverine…?)

Except for Transformers 2, which was largely unforgivable. Also, I had actually seen that montage video some time shortly before the movie, and was actually actively looking out for the obligatory helicopters at sunset scene.

Didn’t see it. I saw lots of helicopters, a lot of sunsets, and a lot of planes at sunset, but no helicopters at sunset. That ended up probably being the most disappointing thing about that movie, among numerous other disappointing things.

Also, while I’m here…Improv Everywhere (I think Sheep has posted stuff from them before, like their Moebius prank) pulled another prank at a recent Knicks game, in which one of them pretends to be lost and the others shout his name (which they had previously successfully pulled off at Yankees game). I assure you, it’s a lot more entertaining than it sounds.

Oh man…what you doing with a gun in space?



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