Did You Realize That You Are A Champion In Their Eyes?

I ran into some bad news when I got to work yesterday after the four day weekend – I had realized that I forgot my access card for the office in the pocket of the shirt I wore to the office on Thursday.

…luckily, I was re-wearing that very same shirt, and the card was still there in the front pocket.

Crisis averted!

Just one link this time, because I feel it deserves it’s own space. This is the first of four parts of a DDT title match, featuring Kota Ibushi’s KO-D Openweight Championship defense against YOSHIHIKO.

YOSHIHIKO, in case you’re not hip to the Japanese indy wrestling scene, is an inflatable plastic sex doll.

If that doesn’t sell this link, then I’m not sure what will…because the match is comprised of like four 10-11 minute parts (you might want to skip ahead to like the six or seven minute mark in the first one), and an appreciation for pro wrestling might be a prerequisite for enjoyment. However, I will say that it is the absolute finest 40-something minutes of footage captured between a sweaty man and an inflatable sex doll I have ever watched…which is actually pretty high praise indeed.

If you even casually enjoy pro wrestling, definitely check it out.

If you do not enjoy pro wrestling on any level, I would advise against checking it out.




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