Funny People

Here are a few things that I have been watching recently:

1. Aziz Ansari, my favourite “that guy” who has been appearing in all those TV Shows and Judd Apatow movies, is doing alright for himself. He has a new comedy special on DVD called “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening.” Here is a bit from that.

At the end of his DVD, Aziz does his encore as RAAAAAAAANDY (with 8 a’s), the Dane Cookian comedian from “Funny People”. Word on the street is that Apatow is working on a RAAAAAAAANDY spin-off movie, which is just aces.

He’s also in “Parks and Recreation”, which I think is surprisingly good despite all the haters.

2. Speaking of P&R, I am in love with Aubrey Plaza. Her delivery on the show is even drier than “Flight of the Conchords”, if that is even possible. Check out these clips from the show.

3. Ken Jeong, the doctor-turned-comedian, is a strong Asian role model and personal hero of mine. I one day hope to follow in his foot-steps, minus the whole showing the world my penis thing. Anyways, he is in that new show “Community”. Haven’t watched that much of it, but it’s quite good. He plays a Spanish teacher named Senor Chang. Minority rage – always funny.

4. Speaking of “Community”, Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy is also on the show. Here is a clip from them that I quite enjoyed that teaches you Self Defense techniques.

5. I don’t know if you followed the late night wars of 2010. If you didn’t, you may not have caught Conan’s had his farewell episode. This is proof that the man is a class act, through and through. And that finale number? What a send off.

I’m sure there is more stuff I have seen recently, but I’m too lazy to keep notes like the vigilant Choking Yak (attacking doesn’t cause it to tap). I’m out!

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