I’m Gonna Take You For Another Ride

First it was Street Fighter 4. Then StarCraft 2. Then Diablo 3. Now Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has officially been announced, complete with cinematic teaser trailer.

And it looks…so…fucking gay.

It seems like the age of the sprite is dead, as far as Capcom fighting games go. That makes me sad, but I had similar fears for Street Fighter 4’s new visual style, and that didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster…right? It’s strange, this news should make me so happy. I can’t think of another game series I wasted more time on, from junior high through university. And yet all I feel right now is complete apathy.

Maybe it’s just because I wished this was an announcement about Mass Effect 3 instead. (I NEED TO STOP PLAYING THIS GAME)

This is a really interesting interview with famous fashion dude Tim Gunn (he’s famous, right?) by this weird obscure comic book web show type thing, Crazy Sexy Geeks, whatever whatever whatever. They discuss fashion as it relates to some classic superhero costume designs, and it’s actually pretty interesting. Lots of love for the Spider-Man costume, which I think just might be the greatest one ever made. Also mentioned is the current Catwoman costume (great costume, makes a lot of practice sense as it’s very cat-burglar like still and utilitarian – the belt is a whip! – but still cool and symbolic in a comic book way) and Mr. Miracle (one of my favourites just because it’s so crazy and makes absolutely no sense). Also of interesting note was the discussion regarding whorey female costumes, where Tim Gunn approves the Power Girl costume, one of my favourites as well (great costume, cleavage). For the next one I really hope they take on a Liefeld character or two just for kicks.

– What if I told you I had a copy of Tina Fey’s original script for the pilot episode of 30 Rock (aka “UNTITLED TINA FEY PROJECT”)? Would that be something you’d be interested in? You always wonder about the legitimacy of these type of links…but why would it be fake? I wish there were more of these. It’s just cool seeing the differences between first draft and finished product, what changed, what stuck.

– Fuck Extreme Arm Wrestling, that shit’s old news. We’re going to Florida! Why? Three words…freestyle alligator wrestling. YES!

“So I was doing some research on comedy and I came across the cartoon strip ‘Dilbert’ and it’s quite good. And I was wondering if we could do that.”
“Do what?”



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