Welcome…TO DIE

I just realized that I forgot to wear a belt today. I’m such a fucking asshole.

Now to the links.

– Remember that totally awesome 1992 X-Men arcade game? Of course you do. It’s coming to PSN and XBox Live Arcade. Six player co-op? FUCK. YES. SON.

– It’s making it’s rounds, but I wanted to be sure you all caught Sesame Street: Smell Like A Monster. 41 years and they’re still bringing the heat, like Billy Wagner. Those magnificent bastards.

Some days I feel like this too.

– Why would an Egyptian company, selling cheese, use a panda as a company mascot? We’ll never truly know, but it’s an absolutely fantastic idea. I don’t know if it’s the Buddy Holly track or the strange sense of escalating hostility, but those ads just really make me want to buy some cheese.
EDIT: Controversy! These award winning commercials are suspiciously similar to this year-old Bruins Hockey Rules ad campaign. But honestly, who cares – the more bear related content we get, the better.




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