Game Of Inches

Quickly, rank these face-offs by order of suspense!

Ross vs Lorenzo in a race-off!
A StarCraft 2 cheese-off!
That scene from Deliverance with the banjo-off!

God, so exciting. How about that Mavericks/Dallas game from last night that featured two seven foot Europeans with threeing-off (okay I’ll stop now) in overtime? Now where does that rank?

I personally think it’s closer to Deliverance, due to the participation of people that may be possibly retarded. Like Lakers head coach Mike Brown all miked up and doing his best impression of AL Pacino in Any Given Sunday, just goosebumps all over. CAUSE THAT’S WHAT LIVING IS

Mike Brown’s just got something that all the great leaders of men like Pacino’s got…charisma. Like everything he does exudes greatness. That is a man that will die with his dignity intact.

Also good that the Lakers had Coach Kobe to rely on in the game as he sits out from injury and simultaneously fucks my fantasy team’s title chances in the ass. SHIVA! I love watching Kobe completely ham it up for the cameras and trying to pretend like he gives a shit about anyone on the team. That is why he is the best. I just imagine all of those conversations ending like this.

You’re welcome.



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