Why I Can’t Have Nice Things: Reason #562

The Nexus 4 is Google’s latest flagship phone, a critically praised piece of technological delight that also runs Android’s latest iteration, 4.2 aka Jelly Bean. Furthermore, it comes direct from Google straight up, neat, and unfiltered without the various flavours that HTC or Samsung like to mix into the interface. You also buy it direct from Google, and for a completely unlocked penta-band phone ready to work with all major networks. At $300ish, it’s not a bad price at all and makes you wonder and hope if this is the new way the industry’s going to go, especially in comparison to the current model in Canada, where a new top of the line phone from one of the three major carriers costs you either $500-600 straight up or requires a three year contract commitment.

It’s a gorgeous phone too, with a Gorilla Glass 2 screen that makes it one of the most scratch resistant phones ever made. Unfortunately it doesn’t extend to the back of the phone, which is adorned with this glittery design that comes off to my very biased eyes as something that looks baller as hell.

For whatever reason, instead of finding it overly gaudy and dumb, I am instead charmed by its brilliance, reminiscent of Edward Cullen’s beautiful sunshine lit skin.

There are some problems with it though. From Engadget’s otherwise glowing review

With all of our praise about the phone’s design and build, there is one potential hazard: that glass-laden back. We haven’t had any terrible luck in that department yet, but it’s worth noting that this part of your phone — while sleek and gorgeous — should probably avoid the concrete at all costs.

It’s not bad advice.

This is how mine looks.

I can’t exactly recall how many times, or even if at all, I’ve ever really come close to tears in the past, uh…two decades of my life, but this was probably the closest I’ve ever gotten. Maybe next to the opening of Up. Though I guess it would be worse if I wasn’t able to still use the phone and the front display is still invincible and just as pretty as ever.

You’ll shoot your eye out!

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