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Did you know that in Toronto, odd numbered addresses are always on the south and east side of streets, and that even numbers are always on the north and west? I think I might have already instinctively known that, but I am kind of shocked and embarrassed that I didn’t formally know that as a fact until now when I looked it up. It is actually even a fun fact! That page contains a statistic from 2003, which either implies that the page hasn’t been updated in almost a decade or that it the most up to date report that was available to the lowly web posting group that’s responsible for that page.

Welcome to Toronto, city of the future!

– In what I believe to be the greatest comic book movie casting decision since they got Picard to play Xavier, Latino (?) Review is reporting that current UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has been cast as Batroc the Leaper in the next Captain America movie. St-Pierre, who resembles a bad parody of a French Canadian is a natural fit for Batroc, who a is bad parody of an actual Frenchman. For years we’ve been waiting for Hollywood to finally cast Batroc in a movie so that Jean-Claude Van Damme could play him, but now that it’s 2013, the real life version of Van Damme fits just as well. I will say though…if Batroc doesn’t break out the “Captein Amiraca, I am not empressed wid our pairformonce” line, it will be a heinous sin equal to the omission of the line “you sunk my battleship” in Battleship. But adding bad guys with foreign accents…never a bad idea. Man, I am suddenly really excited about this movie now, no lie.

– Also never a bad idea…splicing things together with the Power Rangers theme song. In this case, The Avengers. This format just begs for scenes of guys like MODOK or Kang the Conqueror to constantly scream out “THOSE MEDDLESOME AVENGERS!!!” while sending waves of Hydra or AIM goons to dance around them. Man, this theme works with anything.

– The Bale Batman voice is a gift that just won’t stop giving. Even if we want it to. This one’s not even clever or even that good, but that’s the point – it doesn’t need to be.

– Do you remember that real life Real Steel show called Robot Combat League that I totally, 100% found myself without the outside help of anyone? Apparently it was on already and they recently released a clip. It looks…uh…less than good, and let’s just say I doubt the steel is real. Chris Jericho, I am disappointed in you for associating yourself with fights that have more obvious bladejobs than CM Punk’s. Except the robots are rigged to shoot sparks and spray water so it’s even worse. Seriously, what the fuck is the water from, that doesn’t even make any damn sense. What’s that supposed to be, hydraulic fluid? Come on guys.

– First, I want to point you towards this five year old video called A Monologue For Thee done by the excellent BriTANicK guys (presumably Brian and Nick). If nothing else, the sheer length of the cut has to impress you. Next, the sequel…A Monologue For Three with special guest. The writing involved warps my head.

– Speaking of stupid videos containing unnecessarily long, uncut takes, here is toast by GoodNeighborStuff. You think you already see where it’s going a few seconds in, and then it takes a weird turn that you’re not sure you wanted to follow, and suddenly you’re lost and scared. That’s how I like all of my comedy.

– Have you ever heard the full version of the Community theme song? And like…really listened to its lyrics? It’s called At Least It Was Here by The 88 and it’s about suicide.

I can’t count the reasons I should stay
One by one they all just fade away



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