The Troubles With Developed Nations

They are out of plastic stir sticks today at the office, so I am unable to conveniently mix the free gourmet coffee my workplace provides me with the free cream and sugar they provide me as well.


I feel like a journalist in Turkey, but instead of being physically trapped and silenced within jails of concrete and metal, I am kept within the figurative bars of established societal expectations. And just like how Bradley Manning was unconstitutionally detained for whistle blowing on war crimes, I am tortured by the hell that is created by the sudden and unexpected removal of these amenities. This is my Quantico. We all suffer the same pain, only in different ways.

One day the oppressed will rise up and throw off the shackles the world has put upon them. And though I did not originally set out to become a martyr, I will nonetheless not hesitate to speak out if destiny chooses mine as the voice of dissent for a new generation. Tell us, you evil men and dictators of the world…with what are we supposed to stir our coffees with, if not stir sticks?

First they came for the communists. Then the socialists, the trade unionists, and then the Jews. Now they’ve run out of stir sticks. What’s next!?! Where does this go, where does it end!?! O brave new world, indeed.

Coffee, Hitler? I’ll be sure to put lots of cream in that for you.



Destined to fight the world's evil, The WAMBAG endures massive battles involving impossible stunts, races on horse-pulled carriages, and the desecration of enchanting medieval castles (all done with dizzying computer graphics). Not only does the eye candy keep on coming, the tongue-in-cheek writing and deep Transylvanian accents perfect the film with a dose of dark humor.



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