Today In Graphs

I am a big fan of graphs and organizing things in graph form.

It is for that reason that I am now posting a number of links that are related to graphs.

– From Euromonitor via Quartz, comes a study that indicates the biggest consumers of hard alcohol are South Koreans…by a considerable margin. I suspect that part of that is because (a) Russians are now too poor to even afford vodka and (b) America’s alcoholic beverage of choice is beer which wouldn’t be in scope of a study on hard liquor, whereas soju is the drink of choice in Korea. Or at least that’s what I’m guessing, I am too lazy to back that up with a simple Google search. Still, for South Koreans to average 13.7 shots a week, even if that was your sole manner of alcohol ingestion, seems like some Don Draper level shit. That, combined with their world leading plastic surgery rates makes me suspect that South Korea is a place that has got their priorities aligned. Correctly. Out of all the Asias, is South Korea best Asia? A case could be made statistically.

– Interesting analysis is coming in from the greast celebration of American culture and commercialism that is the Super Bowl. First, PornHub looked at the their traffic trends from both Seattle and Denver compared to the rest of the world, and did find that once the score got out of hand, disillusioned Broncos fans turned to streaming internet porn to console them. Seahawks fans shortly followed, turning to streaming internet porn to celebrate. While the rest of the world just kept straight jacking it. Also, just in case you’re like me and do most of your internet browsing in the office while you’re actually supposed to be working, please note that this is actually still a link to, even if still just to the non-porn blog section of the domain.

Second, this is a look at the levels of profanity on Twitter during the Super Bowl, sorted whether or not the tweets mentioned “Broncos” or “Seahawks”. Not a suprising conclusion that swearing from Broncos fans and Seahawks fans were pretty even, considering how generic and commonplace swearing is now in casual language – the fact that someone swore about something on Twitter implies nothing about anything. Also determining whose fanbase a Tweet belongs to based on what team it mentions seems like a half-assed way to do it, considering that a hypothetical “FUCK I HATE THE SEAHAWKS” tweet would be counted for the Seahawks fanbase. So really…kind of a terrible and useless analysis. But the graphs look really cool and scienceish, so there’s that.

– I thought this was an interesting graph about eagles and weddings. I am not totally sure about the first one, but I’m willing to give it a try anyway. There’s a whole site of these!

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