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I have some stuff here that you should watch or click on.

– I just learned about a man called Chris Gethard who apparently has a show called The Chris Gethard Show which is either a real television show that is also posted on YouTube or maybe just a YouTube only production…? Fusion…? I don’t know, I’ve only just now seen this one episode with Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas called One Man’s Trash. The entire premise of this episode is that they try and guess what is inside a dumpster. That’s it. And it is the most riveting thing you will watch this year. It’s like waiting to see the outcome of a Anton Chigurh coin flip, but for like 43 fucking straight minutes. I can’t speak to the quality of a single second of this show outside of this episode, but (outside of that weird wrestling promo into the middle that I have no context for) every single second of this episode is amazing. Please, watch this.

– I am very confident in saying that this will be the best song you have heard yet with “terabyte of porn” as the hook. Although I’m not quite ready to proclaim it as the greatest song that you will ever hear with “terabyte of porn” as the hook. The future holds many possibilities. It’s got like a soulful, jazzy sR&BA channel with 114 subscribers should not be making videos this good. And by that I mean, they should have many more subscribers and this should have a lot more views (EDIT: whoa, it really took off after I wrote this). Two bonus things I also loved about this include the FBI badge made with blue ballpoint pen, and the disgusted and reluctant look on her face as she starts getting into the song at the end. Quality all around.

– Congratulations to everyone that called for the next guy to follow the Liam Neeson career arc from dramatic actor to grizzled 50+ year-old action star being…Bob Odenkirk! I mean…I have no idea how you looked at this guy and saw it all play out like this, but I’m sure some of you exist out there, and to you I say kudos.

In what has become something of a signature for Odenkirk, well-known his role as Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill, the actor will play everyday man who gets pushed past his limits.

Yes, like all of us everyday men who have the capability within us to become Keanu-like whirlwinds of horrific headshot violence. I mean…John Wick killed two guys with a pencil. Saul Goodman works at a Cinnabon in Nebraska!

“Lemon, do you think I’m a villain?”
“Well I have heard you say ‘Guards, seize him!'”
“I was a Knicks game, they needed to stop the clock.”

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