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There Is No God

I just…I mean…what… This hurts. Especially for a team projected to be where it is on the win curve, just on the cusp of contention, where every single extra win makes such a big difference in battling for a playoff spot. Especially for a team with a core that’s largely in it’s prime already, a […]

Tuffy Gosewisch Kind Of Sucks

Honestly, just trade for Navarro already. For me, the MLB offseason is arguably just as exciting to me as the regular season. Predictive statistical models are good enough these days to give a decent idea of how things will play out, so in my mind…we’re already pretty much done, let’s just jump ahead to the […]

All Second Basemen Options For Jays Are Terrible

The Blue Jays announced last week that they had signed second baseman Chris Getz to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – an unexciting depth move that adds yet another unexciting option into the mix of other unexciting options at second. It’s no […]

Roy Halladay Will Play Baseball No Longer

The pitcher formerly (and currently) known as Roy Halladay retired on Monday, after shoulder and back injuries robbed him of the velocities and mechanics that he felt he needed to compete at a satisfactory level in Major League Baseball. And really that’s what’s so notable about it, that “satisfactory” for the unstoppable pitching robot we […]

Goodnight, Sweet Prince

Yesterday Mariano Rivera played his last game at Yankee Stadium, making his last appearance in front of his hometown fans before heading off to retirement after the season. The nightmare of opposing batters and fans during the late innings of close games over the last 18 years and unquestionably the greatest closer in baseball history. […]

BJs Extend Dickey

Reports are coming in hard and fast that RA Dickey has agreed to a two-year extension with the Blue Jays, the last hurdle of a heavily rumoured trade that would have Toronto acquire the 2012 National League Cy Young award winner in exchange for prospects. It’s an interesting trade that requires some hard analysis and […]

Top 6 Things I Like About The Jeff Mathis Trade

I lied, I have way too much I need to get out of my system about this trade. I also have no idea why I’m still so fixated on Jeff Mathis, who spent only 70 games as a Blue Jay. There have been so many more memorable players – good and bad – that have […]

Breaking Down The Jeff Mathis Trade

Last night, the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins reached an agreement on a historical 12-player trade that included backup catcher Jeff Mathis (pictured futilely swinging above) that immediately changes the landscape for both teams. Mathis, fondly known around the league as “the worst hitter in baseball history” recently signed a two-year, $3 million contract […]

Three Strikes You’re Trout

As expected, Mike Trout has been unanimously named the AL Rookie of the Year, becoming only the eighth unanimous vote winner in American League history. He joins fellow unanimous 1993 winner Tim Salmon as the only two Angels players to be named Rookie of the Year. There’s nothing fishy about the selection, as Trout should […]


Yu Darvish has had an interesting first year in Major League Baseball. Making his final regular season start this past weekend, it should also be noted that he’s had an interesting end to his first year in Major League Baseball. Overall, he’s had a pretty successful first season – despite only a relatively decent 3.90 […]


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