Welcome To The Year 2000

Ah, my dear friend The WAMBAG. So much as happened, so much has changed, so much has…developed…since we last spoke. A recap…

  • It is now 2010.
  • I have finally embraced the space age technology of our new era and started shaving with an electric razor that Jess bought me.
  • Everything else is pretty much the same.

And life goes on.

– I spoke very highly of Jimmy Fallon’s dead-on Neil Young impression previously, so I feel nothing wrong with linking to another bit where he covers Pants On The Ground, a very topical reference to a wacky American Idol routine that aired just the night before, included at the bottom of that page in case you need context. I’m kind of burned out on viral “Idol” reject videos by now, but this is an absolutely killer impression of Neil Young and it’s good to see Jimmy Fallon settling in and finding his groove amid all this craziness at NBC.

– This is The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Murder, which I enjoyed immensely. And no, it does not have anything to do with the popular Douglas Adams property.

Aw man, I just realized I have chocolate all over my fingers from this muffin I’m eating, and now it’s all over my keyboard. I must clean it now. oipokwseessesqaaaaakll,l;

This is a screen test for Parks and Recreation featuring RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. I don’t know how the connection here works (Amy Poehler is friends with Jimmy Fallon who’s late night partner is Questlove who’s friends with RZA?) but stuff like this makes me suspect that the Wu-Tang Clan are slowly phasing out of the rap game and going into the internet comedy sketch game, where the real money’s at.

I once saw that guy become Trigorin at the Weslyan Art Space. That guy’s good.



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