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Stone Buddha, The Final Boss

This past Sunday, the Toronto Blue Jays announced the signing of Seung-hwan Oh to a major league contract, likely signifying the end of their offseason moves. Reports are that he will be paid $1.75 million for 2018, with $1.5 million in possible incentives, and a $250K buyout for a 2019 option that will vest automatically […]

The Greatest Of All Time (1977-2017)

Oof. Man…I wasn’t ready for this. But who was? I had expected to get a chance to celebrate when he would visit the SkyDome again and have his named added to the Level of Excellence as the greatest Blue Jay of all time. And then I had expected to get a chance to celebrate when […]

Wildcard, Bitches

Zach Britton's 0.54 ERA is the best ever among pitchers with at least 50 innings pitched. #Birdland @zbritton — Baltimore Orioles (@Orioles) October 3, 2016

Strike Or Not I Will Continue To Mail In Posts

Today, a professional baseball game was played between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Kansas City Royals. The Jays bashed four bangers out towards an 8-3 win at home. In a game that featured the grizzled veteran Dickey outperforming the trio of Young, Wang, Pounders. How can you not be romantic about baseball?

Game Of Inches, Or Less

This is not a Blue Jays blog, this is all just a coincidence. But man it’s fun to cram all these wacky graphics into a post, so on it goes! Playoff baseball is really just normal baseball concentrated. Baseball concentrate. You add some cold weather, filter out the crappier teams, distill a 162 game season […]

Holy Fucking Shit

No exaggeration, that was that craziest baseball game I’ve ever seen in my life. Maybe the best as well…I mean hard to say for sure now while I’m caught up in the insane emotional high of a postseason series victory, I’ve seen so many games over the years…but definitely the craziest. Let’s recap that wacky […]

Jays’ Dickey Price Too High For Rangers

Inconclusive. And from this angle I’m not even sure he ever left the bag at all. Certainly not clear enough to overturn the safe call made on the field, which is how the replay rule works. The point is…shut up already. This doesn’t tie into the whole silly “Toronto sports teams are cursed!” narrative – […]

God Is Great

One. One is the magic number now. My early life as a Blue Jays fan is a little hazy, and I can’t exactly nail down exactly when I really got into it. I do remember very clearly that my dad used to watch a lot of Blue Jays games back in the early 90’s when […]

Blue Jays? More Like…Dis-Mays

So yesterday…or I don’t know, Tuesday (?) the MLB All-Star game was played and had a bunch of players and some stuff happened blah blah blah, and shitty Omar Infante was not actually elected the starting second baseman for the All-Star team and would have thus made a complete mockery of the whole thing, so […]

The Internet Is For Porn And The Kansas City Royals

There is something delicious happening in the MLB All-Star fan voting, which has gone online only for the first time just this year. And so what happens when you leave yourself to the mercy of the internet is something you could have probably predicted. Out of nine possible starting spots, voters are on pace to […]


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