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The Weekend That Will Never Come


Responsibility – MxPx

Will and I have been talking about this phenomenon for awhile, but I just want to get it down so that I don’t accidentily put it in “The Vault”.

We all procrastinate. Oh, there are those few people who finish their assignments two or three weeks ahead of time and actually organize their time into “work” and “fun” periods, as opposed to the rest of us who tend to just mash the two together, often with uneven results.

To narrow this down even further, I believe that there are a lot of procrastinators who genuinely believe that at some point in time, they will find one or two days in their lax schedule to catch up with it all. Generally, this would be a weekend.

The weekend, while also a period of great leisure, is also the perfect time to do work (assuming you don’t have a job). You have minimal obligations and it’s pretty much up to you to decide how and when things are going to get done. Hell, you can even pull an all-nighter on a Friday or Saturday night and still be rested enough to operate on Monday. Every weekend should be used to catch up with school work, but most of us wait for one particular weekend where we will straighten everything out.

But that weekend is a myth. A fairy tale. An urban legend.

Can’t you see? There is no magic weekend where you have all the time in the world to clean up your act, it just doesn’t exist. Something always comes up, or you make something come up to avoid working! It’s incredible.

So children, don’t wait for it cause’ it ain’t coming. Apparently, that crap they’ve been feeding us about time management all these years…well, it’s important. So don’t clump it all together; steal the hours of each day and make the time like that. “Procrastination is a slippery slope” as William would say. Think of proper time management as an escalator. Wait…yeah, escalator.

On a completely unrelated note, I’m going to Guelph this weekend!

Auf Wiedersehen!



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