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The Big Hit #10?

Jeez, when was the last time I posted on this site…? Seems like it was MONTHS ago. Wait a minute, it was months ago! I am teh funney!

I don’t even know what to talk about right now. I’ve been listening to “Under Pressure” by Queen over and over again and I’m currently 3 hours and 16 minutes into my 4 hour break. I have my drawing class next and I have no desire to go but I decided last night that I have go to get my life together. I’ve been completely falling apart these past weeks. ALL my work has been handed in late and I’ve been missing classes. Now this problem of course is an ongoing issue, I mean since like grade 11 but I’m almost at break point now. It’s like I’m Kobe in NBA Street. I’ve got a gamebreaker already but I just can’t get the friggin’ ball back from Alex, so I lose it all and I end up crying and vomiting all over myself. Ok, that was a bad analogy and probably a different issue all together, but I think you get the idea. I don’t want to disclose this issue on this page so I’ll stop this ramble now.

Now, back to my falling apart at school thing. I haven’t been to my digital applications class for THREE weeks now. So absolutely fricking useless I can’t even describe it in words. I definetely should have tried to drop it in the first 2 weeks of school! Today, I skipped my digital class again, but with a good intention this time. I decided to get all of my late assignments finished between 8am – 3pm today (drawing starts at 3… nothing before that besides digital). I managed to complete all three assignments that were late so I feel pretty good about that. I also managed to make a trip down to the Eaton Centre to return my copy of UT2K4. I snagged the special edition of the game over the weekend, so I returned the normal version to get my money back. This game is so rediculously sweet. The SE is the same price as the normal version, but it comes with a metal case, a logitech headset, and a bonus dvd. Also, instead of coming on SIX CDROMS, it comes on one dvd. Ahh yes, no cd switching during installation…

I can’t think of anything to blog about for now, so I’ll just do everything else in point form.

-Seen the new Beyonce video yet? The video for “Naughty Girl” has Beyonce in it as well as…

USHER! He is so P I M P.

-The new Usher CD has been leaked online like 2 weeks early! Oh man, getting my life together couldn’t be easier.

-I finally made my first 2 purchases from eBay. I bought a home Jordan jersey from $52 and a copy of WarioWare for GBAsp for $22. Actually, I received my jersey in the mail yesterday and I was a little underwhelmed. I knew it was a preowned jersey when I got it, but I was miffed at how the screen-printed number on the back were scratched. The vinyl was starting to come off a bit and it didn’t look so hot. Oh well, I got screwed. Can’t wait for WarioWare though! (unless it is also fuxored)

-I really got to apply for that summer job. I want to work as an instructor/guard at a pool near my house but I haven’t got to applying yet. The problem is, assuming that the town of Ajax has a similar system to Markham, I’ll have to do a Wet Training. Markham has already done all of theirs, so if Ajax has done all of theirs also, that means I’m screwed out of BOTH pools. I NEED to work over this summer for SPENDING money! I’m high maintenance and I spend lots of money on unessessary things every month!

-I’m looking outside the library window right now and there is a clown on George street smoking. The clown also has a bag of birdseed and he’s feeding the pigeons. What is wrong with this guy… clowns AND pigeons.

-Alright 2:55pm now. I gotta get to class and draw naked people. I’m out.




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